Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Victorian Vampire Romance; The Darkness of Love #ASMSG

You might have read the Redcliffe novels and fallen in love with Jessica Stone and her adventures in love with the Mason brothers, but have you tried Victorian vampire romance The Darkness of Love? This features Marcus Scott from the Redcliffe novels, as he tells his story about how he became a vampire...

Lord Gregory Stockton is a powerful and respected businessman embracing the modern era of the Victorian industrial revolution. He has a grand and beautiful manor house complete with a repertoire of servants, and his young wife is charming, attractive, and the perfect lady to his gentleman. The only thing they lack is an heir to the family estate. Lord Gregory knows he can never produce a child, for he is a vampire, although his wife and servants know nothing of his secrets. There are other ways to provide heirs for his estate, however, and Lord Gregory has noticed the romantic attraction between his wife and the young stable hand Marcus Scott. He hatches a plan to bring the would-be lovers together, and then cruelly tear them apart as he continues to build his empire and secure his power base in the south of England. The humans are pawns in the vampire’s game of lust, love and control.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Warm Up with the Redcliffe Novels this Christmas #ASMSG

The weather is icy and we are already dreaming about summer holidays even as we prepare to celebrate the festivities of Christmas and Yule. Today I invite you to explore the Redcliffe novels, and see if they might warm you up a little bit...

Love Hurts (A Redcliffe Novel) is about a young woman who runs a bookshop in Cornwall with her best friend. She falls in love with a local police detective and later discovers that he is a vampire, and that his identical twin brother is a werewolf. She is dragged into their complicated and dangerous lives, to her detriment, where secrets are told and lives are lost...

Love Kills (A Redcliffe Novel) is book 2 in the developing Redcliffe series. In the quiet Cornish seaside town of Redcliffe, Jessica Stone recovers from an horrific werewolf attack and comes to terms with revelations that her lover, Jack Mason, is a vampire, his brother, Danny, the werewolf pack leader, and her best friend, Simon, is a werewolf.  Add to that her discovery that she is a witch, and life is suddenly a whole lot harder than it used to be. Jessica has to fight for her own life and Jack’s when faced with his jealous vampire master who wants her old lover back. But things are never easy, and a vampire master is not so easy to defeat…

Love Redeems (A Redcliffe Novel). Life has changed forever in Redcliffe, Cornwall. Jessica Stone used to be a normal, happy human. Now she is an angry, conflicted and confused witch. It all happened when she met Detective Jack Mason and his identical twin brother Danny. Jessica almost died twice, fell into a love triangle, and she became a murderer. Now she faces the ultimate challenge as she continues the fight to save the man she loves, while simultaneously struggling with her lust for his werewolf brother and their vampire friend. Can she survive, or will love finally end her life completely?

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Meet Marcus Scott from Christmas With the Vampires #HumpDayHook #ASMSG

Hello my friends, and today I welcome you to a very festive Hump Day Hook, with an excerpt from my Kindle short story, Christmas With The Vampires. This features our favourite vampire bad boy, Marcus Scott, and his Christmas adventure in Edwardian London…

Marcus cut a striking figure in his dark red velvet frock coat, jaunty black silk top hat, and impeccable tailored suit.  The rough corduroy trousers, linen shirt and leather waistcoat of his human days were long forgotten, although he had kept his old work clothes as a reminder of his youth.  The man did not look a day over twenty five in age, but then his physical body was frozen in time due to his vampire genetics.  His eyes alone betrayed the experience of his age, and many unsuspecting humans were left mystified when they tried to talk down to Marcus Scott only to be politely rebuffed when he demonstrated his knowledge and expertise in the matter at hand.  He rarely lost his temper, but when he did he was a force to be reckoned with, vampire or not. 

If you enjoyed this one, why not pop over to our dedicated Hump Day Hook blog and see what my fellow authors have to offer. We write about romance, love, science fiction, fantasy, erotica and everything in-between, so you are sure to find something that delights the senses. You can also find us on Facebook.

Today I am bringing Marcus Scott to the Beckett Winter Celebration party. You are invited to pop along for a glass of virtual champagne, to meet some new friends, and pick up some book bargains for Christmas if you like. See you there!

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Let's Get This Party Started! #Christmas #books

Hello folks, how are you? I trust that my American friends enjoyed a happy thanksgiving celebration, and now we are all looking forward to Christmas, Yule, Winter Solstice fun. I know I am! It has been a very busy year, and a very traumatic one in many ways, but we emerge stronger and wiser for the experience. I am grabbing a few minutes here while my baby sleeps (and my eldest daughter is at a Christmas pantomime), to share an invitation...

Join us for the Beckett Winter Celebration organised by the fabulous Mary Martinez. I will be there, with my special guest Marcus Scott, from Christmas With The Vampires. He might talk about his younger years if he is feeling nostalgic... otherwise you will have to read The Darkness of Love to discover his tragic romantic history. See you there!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Hump Day Hook presents: The Darkness of Love #HDH #vampires

Greetings my friends, and welcome to this week’s edition of the Hump Day Hook. Today I show an excerpt from my historical paranormal romance novel, The Darkness of Love. This excerpt is right at the start of the story, where our powerful love rival, Lord Gregory Stockton, snatches an erotic embrace with his pretty young wife, Sarah.

He slid his hands down her sides, smoothing over the rich taffeta, and she stood very still, enjoying his caress despite her embarrassment at his bold behaviour.  Resting his hands on her hips, Gregory lowered his handsome youthful face and tenderly kissed her rosebud lips.  His body reacted as it always did to her tenderness.  She was delicate, so beautiful, and always so compliant for him.  His teeth itched as his fangs fought to free themselves, and it took all his self-control not to bite her white skin, and drink deeply of her sweet blood.

If you enjoyed this one, why not pop over to our dedicated Hump Day Hook blog and see what my fellow authors have to offer. We write about romance, love, science fiction, fantasy, erotica and everything in-between, so you are sure to find something that delights the senses. You can also find us on Facebook. Happy Humping!

Sunday, 23 November 2014

#NaNoWriMo2014 Reaches a Dramatic Conclusion

This is it! We are now officially in the final week of #NaNoWriMo2014. I am so close to the end I can taste it. My word count stands at just short of 38,000, and I am determined to succeed with this year's challenge. My story is a good one. In fact, I might go so far as to say it could even be a future bestseller... but that all depends on me finishing it and making it presentable for publishing.

And so, I leave you with a short and sweet update. I have had a long and difficult month. My right wrist is encased in a white support bandage due to a severe flare up of RSI. I have been juggling full time motherhood of two young children. I have close family members with mental health problems that have required attention during recent weeks. And I am beginning to plan for Christmas, which involves making cards and doing the gift shopping.

Phew! I think I need a holiday... but first, I have another 12,000 words to write. Happy Winning, fellow Nanoers!

Friday, 14 November 2014

My #NaNoWriMo2014 Vampire Hunter Novel

Hey folks! How you doin'? Can you tell I am excited? Well I am! I just reached the halfway point on my #NaNoWriMo manuscript, and a day ahead of schedule. Hooray! Not bad considering I was 10,000 words short just 24 hours ago. It's amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it... Anyway, because I feel very excited about this particular novel, I would like to share an excerpt with you. The story is about Hannah Oakley, a former vampire hunter turned wife and mother. She returns to work covertly to hunt down the vampire that almost killed her in a previous career. This is an excerpt from the very beginning of the novel (unedited, I might add!)...

Staring into the darkness, I held my breath and raised my gun, forcing my  body to remain calm and still. She was out there, my target, the vampire I was supposed to destroy. She had eluded me for long enough. I had to end it. But I didn’t. I could hear movement, but it wasn’t her. She was too clever, to strong, too determined. There was a draft blowing through the cracked window to my left, and I felt the cold air whipping across my face. It stung where the vampire had hit me. My skin was stiff with dried blood, and sticky with more as it oozed from my wounds. I was beginning to lose consciousness. No, I could not give in. If I collapsed now then she would win. She would kill me. I was not ready to die.
With a terrifying scream the vampire leaped out of the darkness, hit me again, and I flew backwards, landing with a heavy thud on the concrete floor. It stunned me momentarily, and I panicked when I lost my gun. I tried to reach for the silver knife sheathed on my left leg, but I was too slow, groggy with the pain and shock from my wounds. The vampire crouched over me, her silver eyes glowing in the dark. It was those eyes that had been my undoing. That and my inexplicable attraction to this woman when I first met her. It was no good. I was fading fast, gasping for breath and fighting to stay alive. My body could take no more abuse. 
“I could end this now, Hannah,” the vampire said, “All it takes is one more kiss.”
She reached out a slender finger and lightly stroked my face. I flinched and tried to move away but I couldn’t. I saw her fangs gleaming in the moonlight that streamed through the broken window. My nose wrinkled as it detected a smell of damp mixed with the cold, dead stench of vampire power. Just one more kiss. It would be so easy. She would kiss me, just like she always did, and the world would simply melt away. We would be alone, wrapped in each other’s arms, for eternity. My head lolled back, exposing my bleeding neck, and she moved closer, hovering above me as she savoured the moment. I closed my eyes.
The vampire was kissing me…
“Mummy! Where are you?”
My eyes snapped open. The room spun. Blinking rapidly, I looked around. I was in the kitchen, standing by the worktop, idly stirring a mug of tea that was beginning to cool. It had happened again. The flashbacks were more frequent, and now it seemed they were lasting for longer. Shaking my head, I stepped away from the worktop and turned towards the door.
“I’m in here, sweetheart,” I called out in a voice that shook very slightly.
“Mummy,” my daughter called.